Q & A

Do I need to make a reservation? 

Yes. We ask that you make reservations in advance to ensure your spot on the boat. Payment is made on the boat at the end of the day, returning to port.

Can I bring food?

Yes, we have coolers and ice provided or you may bring your own. Alcohol is permitted on the boat but not on the island.

Do we need to bring anything?

Sunscreen, towels, hats, camera. Pack like you are going on a picnic at the beach.

Do you really see dolphins?  What if we don’t see them?

The Tampa Bay area is home to a large population of Bottlenose Dolphins.  We see them just about every day, but as they are wild animals we cannot promise you will see them.  However, since our captains go out several times a day, they know where the dolphins like to play and will make every attempt to encounter them so you can see these beautiful, intelligent creatures in their natural environment.

Can I feed/swim with the dolphins?

No, it is illegal to swim with wild dolphins in the state of Florida.

Are there shells on the Island?  Can I take them home?

The quantity & size of shells you find depends on the time of year and the tide. You may take home any shell as long as nothing is living in it.

What if it is raining?

Our trips go rain or shine but not when lightening is present.

Are there bathrooms on the boat?

YES!  During the Island cruise, the boat stays at the Island in order for our visitors to have access to these restrooms.

What if I get sick on the boat?

This trip is a very smooth ride and we very rarely have anyone get sick.  If you are nervous about sea sickness, we advise you to take a “non-drowsy” form of Dramamine before your trip.

What else is there to do at the Island?

You can do everything you normally do at the beach with one big difference – no big buildings behind you!  It is very much like having a private and very beautiful island that is not a public beach!  There are many things to do such as; swimming, shelling, sun bathing and even taking a nice hike through the paths!  Enjoy the exploration, but please remember to respect the area and “leave no trace” behind.  We have bathrooms and trash cans on the boat for this purpose.




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